Virtual Offices

Virtual Offices

Our virtual office support services provide you with a business presence at a fraction of the cost of opening an office, we can provide a “Virtual Office” in one of our many prestigious locations both in either the UK or internationally.

Mailing address: Mail is received and logged on behalf of your company and either kept for you to collect or forwarded to an address provided by you. We do not open your mail, we simply either hold it for collection or we place it in a fresh envelope and forward it to you. We can also accept delivery of courier packages and parcels. For clients who urgently require to see any item of mail, we will if specifically instructed by you open the mail and scan and email or fax it to you.

Telephone service: You are allocated a dedicated telephone number and calls are answered by our professionally trained staff in the name of your company, in accordance with whatever instructions you give us. The calls can then be diverted to a telephone number of your choice or messages taken and communicated to you by email.

Fax Service: You are allocated a dedicated fax number and faxes received for your company can be relayed to you by fax or scanned and sent by email

We can tailor the above services to your specific requirements

Please contact us either by telephone, email or submit the enquiry form on our website and we will provide you with a quote without obligation. Our service starts from as little as £25 per month