Peru Company Formation

Peru Company Formation

Government Palace at the Plaza-de-Armas

Peru is a South American country bordered by Ecuador and Columbia to the North, Chile to the south, Bolivia to the southeast, Brazil to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The president of Peru is democratically elected as both the head of state, and the head of government. The capital city is Lima, and the official currency is the Nuevo Sol. The main language is Spanish.  Peru has a market lead economy, and is a developing country with main exports being copper, gold, zinc, and textiles. Recently, Peru’s economy has been growing steadily mainly due to private investment in mining.

  • TYPE OF COMPANY: Sociedad Anonima Cerrada (S.A.C.)  (Closed Corporation)        
  • COMPANY LAW: General Corporate Act 26,887 (as amended)                     
  • SUFFIX TO DENOTE LIMITED LIABILITY: S.A.C                             
  • DIRECTORS: Minimum two who can be of any residency or nationality and either a natural person or corporate body. A legal representative in Peru must be appointed – we can provide                                      
  • SHAREHOLDERS: A minimum of two and maximum of twenty who can be of any residency or nationality and either a natural person or corporate body – we can provide
  • CLASSES OF SHARE: Registered           
  • CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS: No minimum required
  • OWNERSHIP: 100% Foreign ownership allowed
  • TIME TO INCORPORATE: 4 weeks                     
  • REGISTERED OFFICE: Required in Peru – we can provide  
  • DISCLOSURE: Limited
  • TAXATION: Varies
  • LANGUAGE OF DOCUMENTATION: Spanish with a certified English translation

If you would like further information on setting up a company in Peru or the formation of a Peru company or other Peruvian corporate entities or require professional advice relating to taxation or the structuring and requirements of a Peruvian company, please contact us. We can also provide advice on establishing a subsidiary, joint venture or foreign company to carry on business in Peru.

We can provide a wide range of support and administration services, bank introductions, nominee directors, nominee shareholders, virtual offices, accountancy and legal services. We can also advise on compliance with all the regulatory and statutory requirements.