Legalisation & Apostille of Documents

The Notarisation of documents is where a Notary Public certifies the signature on a document. When a notary notarises a document they sign and affix their seal on it, in the presence of the person or persons who have signed it.

If you require a document to be Apostilled it must first be Notarised or signed by a solicitor. An Apostille is affixed by any competent authority designated by a government of a country or state that is a party to the Hague Convention 1961. Effectively the Apostille is a certification of the Notaries signature. Apostille is a French word which means “signature”. The Notarisation and Apostilling of documents is often referred to as “legalisation”.

Where documents are required for international use, it is usually a requirement to have them Apostilled to “validate” them as authentic.

We can arrange for the Notarisation and Apostilling of any corporate or legal documents or Powers of Attorney.

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