Bahrain Company Formation

 Bahrain Company Formation

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The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small archipelago of islands in the Persian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia. Iran lies 200km to the north across the Persian Gulf, and the peninsula of Qatar is to the southeast across the Gulf of Bahrain. Bahrain means “two seas” in Arabic. Bahrain has the fastest growing and most diversified economy in the Arab world. The largest exports are oil, financial services, construction, and the production of aluminium. It is seen as the worldwide centre of Islamic banking. The capital is Manama, and the currency is the Bahraini Dinar (BHD). The official spoken language of the country is Arabic, although English is widely used in business.

  • TYPE OF COMPANY: With Limited Liability Company (WLL) 
  • COMPANY LAW: Law of Commercial Companies
  • SHAREHOLDERS: Minimum 2, 51% must be held by a Bahraini (unless exempted) the remaining shareholders can be of any residence or nationality but must be natural persons – we can provide
  • CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS: Minimum of BHD 20,000
  • OWNERSHIP: 100% Foreign ownership allowed depending on business activity
  • DIRECTORS: Minimum of 2 can be of any residence or nationality but must be natural persons – we can provide
  • TIME TO INCORPORATE: 7 – 14 days
  • REGISTERED OFFICE: Required in Bahrain – we can provide 
  • ACCOUNTS: Yes, audited
  • TAXATION: No if not operating in the markets related to oil exploration and refining
  • LANGUAGE OF DOCUMENTATION: Arabic with certified English translation

If you would like further information on setting up a company in Bahrain or the formation of a Bahrain company or other Bahrain corporate entities or require professional advice relating to taxation or the structuring and requirements of a Bahrain company, please contact us. We can also provide advice on establishing a subsidiary, joint venture or foreign company to carry on business in Bahrain.

We can provide a wide range of support and administration services, bank introductions, nominee directors, nominee shareholders, virtual offices, accountancy and legal services. We can also advise on compliance with all the regulatory and statutory requirements.