Jersey Company Formation

Jersey Company Formation

Elizabeth Castle in St Helier

Jersey (officially the Bailiwick of Jersey) is a British Crown Dependency island in the English Channel 20 miles off the coast of France. It is a self-governing parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy (Queen Elizabeth II). It is the largest of the Channel Islands. It is not part of the EU, but is treated as being so for the purposes of free trade. The capital is St Helier and the official languages are English and French. The currency is the Sterling (GBP). It’s economy is based on its well regulated and respected international financial services sector, e-commerce and tourism.

  • TYPE OF COMPANY: Exempt                    
  • COMPANY LAW: Companies (Jersey) Law 1991 (as amended)                          
  • SUFFIX TO DENOTE LIMITED LIABILITY: Limited or Avec Responsabilite Limitee, a.r.l.                              
  • DIRECTORS: Minimum of one of any residency or nationality – we can provide                                           
  • SECRETARY: Minimum of one of any residency or nationality – we can provide
  • SHAREHOLDERS: Minimum of one – we can provide
  • CLASSES OF SHARE: Registered            
  • CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS: Minimum £1                     
  • OWNERSHIP: 100% Foreign ownership allowed
  • TIME TO INCORPORATE: 24 – 48 hours  
  • REGISTERED OFFICE: Required in Jersey – we can provide    
  • ACCOUNTS: Yes (no requirement to file)
  • TAXATION: 0% unless regulated in Jersey as a financial services company which is subject to tax at 10%

If you would like further information on setting up a company in Jersey or the formation of a Jersey company or other Jersey corporate entities or require professional advice relating to taxation or the structuring and requirements of a Jersey company, please contact us. We can also provide advice on establishing a subsidiary, joint venture or foreign company to carry on business in Jersey.

We can provide a wide range of support and administration services, bank introductions, nominee directors, nominee shareholders, virtual offices, accountancy and legal services. We can also advise on compliance with all the regulatory and statutory requirements.